Artsyでのオンラインギャラリー開設について / We've got started with online gallery on Artsy.

ギャラリーピクトルは本日、オンライン・アート・プラットフォーム Artsy にオンライン・ギャラリーを開設しました。



オンライン・ギャラリーでは2020年2月25日〜3月27日まで、昨年鎌倉のギャラリーで開催した幸田大地の個展 "Forest/background" を開催中です。

Gallery Pictor is pleased to announce that we've opened an online gallery on Artsy today.

Artsy is the global online platform which aims to expand the art world by connecting art galleries and collectors in over 160 countries and partnering with art museums/art fairs around the world.

We are excited to join the world's art community and meet up the artists, their artworks and the art-lovers through Artsy in the future.

From 25th Feb. to 27th March, our online gallery on Artsy presents Daichi Koda's "Forest/background" which had been exhibited at our Kamakura space in last November-December.